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"too much to deal with"
I am ready to loose my mind. For 5 years now, I have been struggling to keep my family afloat. I work 40-45 hours per week in a professional capacity. My husband was self employeed but we had to shut down the business about 5 ago when he needed lower back surgery. Years and years of physical labor has plagued him with degenerative disk disease. We've applied for SS Disability and been denied twice. He just had a second surgery on his upper back/neck area. I have a teenage son and an elderly mother that need my care as well. I am loosing my grip on things.
posted by K (age 51) on 4/18/2011 @1:48:39 PM •
i have a family member with degenerative disk disease. you'd think disability would be a no-brainer, but... they make it difficult sometimes.

i'm a believer that things work out how they should. it feels awful sometimes, but - sorta like a grandfather clock - the pendulum swings back.

posted by jon on 4/21/2011

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