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I need Help, intensly serious help. Iíve been with my boyfriend for 6 months now, weíve gotten through everything this world could possibly throw at us. Every arguement that weíve ever had has been over in the matter of ten minutes. Weíve already planned engagements, marriage, getting a house, starting a family; heís already made me a Ďstep-motherí though.
-And one day i saw a text on his phone that made me curious. So of course with us being so open together i started reading.. i found out that he was talking to a t-girl. At first i thought he was just cheating, then i researched a t-girl. A transexual. He finally knew that i knew so we talked about it, and he swears up and down iím all he wants, that he just had to make sure he wasnít gay, but i canít stop thinking about it. and after reading this iíve noticed, he loves up on me in front of all his friends more than at home, though he does still do it at home. And our sex has gone from 5 times a day 1 and 1/2 hours a time to once a day for probably 7 minutes. I donít know whether to believe him or give him time to figure it out on his own, someone help.

posted by Lucy (age 20) on 4/22/2011 @10:46:53 AM •
Sorry to state the obvious but this does not sound like a healthy relationship. There should not be any doubt in either of your minds if its true love and you are meant to be. He should have been sure about his sexuality before staring a relationship with you not after. It's not fair on you. Ask yourself: can you trust him? If the answer is no or that you are unsure then you need to do the right thing and cut your ties with him.
posted by Paula (age 30) on 4/23/2011

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