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"Bridesmaid may ruin wedding experiences"
I'm getting married in several months. About a year ago I asked my brothers fiance to be a bridesmaid. She accepted. All was good back then.
I'm now concerned she might ruin my big day. We went to a wedding show and she slagged off everything I liked. She has put me down recently in front of people, which I feel resentful about. I recently invited my two maids of honour to a meal so we could discuss the hen night. She went in a sulk and ignored me because she wasn't invited. (I was going to invite her anyway but I never got the chance before she went in a sulk). I just feel it wasn't her place to invite herself to this anyway and make an issue out of something she traditionally has nothing to do with.
I'm concerned she will ruin my wedding day. I should be excited about planning these things and instead i'm worried and upset.
My fiance doesn't want her to be a bridesmaid. I don't want her to either but if I stand up to her or tell her she isn't a bridesmaid anymore it will cause a family argument, make things worse and my brother and niece (flowergirl) might not come to the wedding. I just feel that there's always someone wanting to fall out with me or wynd me up when they are supposed to be supportive. I don't know what to do. Help!
posted by Paula (age 30) on 4/23/2011 @7:38:06 AM •
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