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"Abscence of Essence"
I have no life. I am unemployed. I have few friends, the closest of which are cigarettes. I keep to myself, and usually spend my time looking for work or lying awake at night with a blank mind. This is my life, and I'm currently not satisfied, go figure.
posted by !0's on 2/7/2008 @6:27:50 AM •
It's been my experience that cigarettes make really bad friends. They don't clean up after themselves, they're always asking for money, and they never smell good. It's also very easy to sit on them and break their necks, which is a horrible quality in a friend.

I think it's important to find the things you enjoy, then spend time endulging in them (as long as your joy isn't self-destructive) - even if other people may not think what you like is cool. If you like to read, become an expert on the classics. If you like music, pick up and instrument or become an expert in the history of rock. If you like to cook, be the best gourmet anybody's ever seen. Whatever you like, get into it.

Now... if you feel like you don't like anything, and you don't even feel like doing everyday stuff, that's a different story. That could be a sign of depression, in which case important people would recommend you see a doctor... But I'm not important, and I think there's probably something out there you like...
posted by Todd on 2/7/2008
Or you could just try getting a job. Go back to school. Without any income, its pretty easy to get funds to go back to school so you can start a career you enjoy. Go to and fill out a FAFSA, go to the local community college and sign up for some classes that interest you, and get off your butt! Your life is what you make it.
posted by lj on 2/20/2008

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