family advice (post new situation)
i own a bungalow in lowestoft which my parents live in without paying any rent i have told them i will have to start charging rent and do a tenancy agreement we have had it valued for rental they say 6oo we have said they can have it for 400 a month but they are refusing to pay how do we stand can we put property up for rent or sell and give them notice to leave as they have no written agreement at all
they have said to evict them so they can get housed back in surrey can you help
posted by susan (age 51) on 4/28/2011 @5:15:12 PM •
Well i would say if you charge them a rent that will be a great thing because you earn, and everybody these days want money. But i would recommend not to charge rent from your own parents and dont just kick them out. The reason would be, when you were a little boy they kept you and they never charged rent from you or said anything like that. They raised you. The saddest part in todays society is, we dont care about our parents and just treat them like a common man. They are special to us just respect them. No one lives forever, when they Die God forbit. What will you remember? Kicking them out? Anyways i cant force you but to give you an advice.
posted by musa (age 19) on 5/1/2011

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