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"middle school relationship"
Im a guy and im in 7th grade. I have a girlfriend and i really like her but i know middle school relationships don't last (its kinda awkward) I want to be a good boyfriend but dont know how couse shes my first girlfriend. How do i handle a realationship
posted by mitch (age 13) on 5/2/2011 @9:28:37 PM •
honestly, i think you should do whatever feels natural and comfortable to you, there isnt a law which you must follow to be in a perfect relationship. You're young, have fun and play the field while you still can! :)
posted by Katie on 5/6/2011
I am a girl and I'm in 7th grade. All you have to do is talk to her! Most boys only say hey in the halls and then text the girl after school. Actually talk with her. Also, learn about her. It's so awkward not having anything to say, so know stuff about her so you can talk. Lastly, don't ever, ever, EVER talk to her through other boys. She'll get confused and everything will get blown out of porportion. Seriously. Do what I told you. I know I'm right - that's what I wish my old BF would have been like!
posted by Emily on 6/22/2011

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