relationship advice (post new situation)
"should i be with him?"
Hi everyone. I need some advice...I really, really like this guy. He is honestly the nicest guy I have ever been friends with. He makes me laugh harder than most of my friends do. I really enjoy his company but am having a hard time seeing past the cons of this relationship that I hope to have with him. He is seven years older than me, but yet so like my age. He did not go to college, but makes good money at the job he just started. He smokes cigarettes, which I hate, but is willing to quit. I know this must sound very naive, but truthfully, the fact that he is trying to change/quit his bad habits makes me that much more attracted to his kind nature. I know that my parents will not approve of the age difference, his lack of college education, and lack of drive to do something bigger with his life, but I think, after getting to know him, they would realize how great of a guy he is and soon understand how well we get along.
I need advice, badly. I don't know whether to overlook poor aspects of him that can be changed and take the relationship slow but still focus my energy on him? Or do I move on and ignore my attraction to him while trying to remain friends?

Someone, give me some advice if you can.
I appreciate it.
posted by Rachel (age 19) on 5/4/2011 @6:43:00 PM •
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