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Hi everyone, okay what i need advice on is my brother. I dont know what's wrong with him these days, i mean a brother isn't meant to bully your other siblings until crying point, or make rude remarks about your friends when they're in the room or stress your mother out until she can't take anymore? My mum is too tired at the end of the day to stick up to him and fight for herself, i've tried but failed miserably and i have my exams to worry about. Im worried that when i leave to go to university, my mum will reach breaking point and god knows what will happen. He bullys my mother aswell, calling her names and doing what he wants no matter what my mother says. He is 13 years old. I dont think this is right, but since i'll be leaving home in the next few years, i do not know who to talk to or what to do, PLEASE HELP!
posted by Katie on 5/6/2011 @6:39:59 PM •
having to deal with a sibling being mean to your mum and other siblings is awful - and it would definitely hurt my feelings... i think i would try talking to him, and let him know how he's making the rest of the family feel. if he realizes that everybody feels bad and sad because of him, maybe that will make him think. i wouldn't - of course - go at the conversation with an accusatory tone... meaning i wouldn't say "you do this" and "you do that". more like, "when you say stuff that makes our sibling cry, it makes me feel really sad... like you don't care for us. is that true?"

i hope this helps you!
posted by jon on 5/12/2011
Is there something that might have happened to him in school or in your home that would make him do those things? Consider that, and ask him about it. Also, stick up for your mom and help her out. If she appears to weak, give her a hand. Possibly have him talk to someone (a psychiatrist) if this behavior doesn't stop. Even after that, if you have to leave for the university and he's still acting up, have a neighbor/trusted friend/close family member check up on your family and see how they're doing if he is being "bad." I hope I helped you - your situation doesn't sound fun.
posted by Emily on 6/22/2011

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