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"Fading Mom"
I feel like im losing my mother. I never knew my father. I am the oldest of six sibling. We have been going through a rough time. It all started 5 years ago when the man that i had though of as a father because he was there from day one was jailed for raping my 13 year old babysitter. After that everything started to go down hill. My mom started to date the son of the lady who lived across the street from us (8 years younger that her) He was okay back then. Since then we have lived with two of my aunts and uncles , in a home and a trailer. We are always on a very tight budget.ALWAYS. The he started getting mean.He has hit me. and my siblings. Punished us even in military style for stupid stuff like not cleaning our room. Now shes married to him and has two kids my him. I hate him and i know that my brother and sisters do to. I want him to leave but i know he makes my mom happy even if were miserable. But the worst part is she is starting to act just like him. I have to share my mom with five other kids and mean step dad and a dog. I feel like im losing my mom. my life.He and my mom have taken away all my freedom (my favorite hobby has even become reading until they took away my books) and somedays i just want to run away or die. Ive thought of cutting myself and even suicide, but im to soft. Im scared though that it wont matter how soft i am if i snap. i think im at the end of the rope before i do something stupid.Please help, any advice would be appreciated.
posted by Brittney (age 15) on 5/21/2011 @9:30:47 PM •
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