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"Not sure"
Ok, at work theres this guy who I REALLY like. As in going out of my way just to get a look at him. He makes me feel like such stlaker....Which is really odd for me. I usually steer away from people. Anyway, one problem is that I had a bad experiance with a guy when I was younger so being around them makes me nervous. So when it comes to guys I like, i get so nervous I get sick. But I like him so much that I'm making myself work past that.... Another thing is he doesn't seem to notice me at all. When I smile at him, he nods his head. When I talk to him, it feels awkward. I actullay thought that i had done something to make him hate me, but talking to another lady at work, who is friends with him, she said that she's never seen him act that way around anyone before, so it was new for her too. I just don't know if he may like me and if i should try to push more, or if i should try something else. This is my first time asking for advice from people i don't know, but all my family and friends keep saying is have patiene, which i am finding it really hard to keep doin. I just need some advice on what i should do. Maybe somethings i can try to get over my shyness....Please help....
posted by Melanie on 2/7/2008 @5:58:59 PM •
i don't know how much this will help, but... one thing that's always made me shy or nervous before i talk to somebody is the fact that was gonna be awkward when we talked. what i discovered is that the i could control the awkwardness... if i make sure to either tell a short & funny story, make fun of something in the immediate area (including myself), or just do something goofy like make a face (i know that sounds dumb, but it works), everything doesn't get awkward. just be yourself, and don't worry about his reaction or what he's going to think. and you know... it's possible that he's just as nervous about talking to you...
posted by james on 2/7/2008
talk to him a little everyday.become his friend...because relationships mean you have to have a RELATION..... friendship first.
posted by mia on 2/9/2008

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