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"Unknown what to do "
I am in my late 20's have been married for alittle over a year, we have a baby together and this is my second marriage. I have another child from my previous marriage. When I got married this time I said that this was it, no more, this time is forever. Well since we have been married I have found out that he has lied to me and then about a month ago I found that that he was texting one of his girl-friends sexual stuff, and he was the one that started the conversation. I really don't know what to do. I don't want both my kids to have a split family. But I am not happy; at all. I keep thinking things will get better, but my feelings have not changed. And I am really to young to spend the rest of my life miserable. Just need some advise I guess. Thanks

Hopless and confused
posted by Hopless and confused on 5/24/2011 @2:16:52 PM •
get the hell outta there nd stop wasting ur youth !! u hav so much 2 live 4 even with kids you can have fun. go find some1 u deserve nd 4get about the whole being married thing bcuz the guy tht really loves u wont care.
posted by lauren on 5/27/2011

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