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My husband and I are expecting our third child now. We work for sonic as assistant managers but it doesn't hardly pay the bills we have now. He is a high school dropout and i dropped out of Texas A&M a few years ago. I couldn't handle the stresses of going to school full time and working full time with one child at the time. I was about a jr level. We have a lot of debts over the past 5 years...broken lease, credit cards, medical bills, other bills like utility and satellite bills i never paid off because we got so behind. So right now my husband is trying to get on a job with his dad on the railroad near dallas which is a few hrs from here. should I continue to stay where I am at and attempt to finish this lease or should I attempt to get some sort of certification like a pharm tech or nursing degree? I know I what I want I just don't know how to reach my goals.
posted by Candace (age 23) on 5/25/2011 @8:14:19 PM •
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