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"???" goes...i am dating a guy who used to be my i dont' know if we should have ever started to date...but i promised i wouldn't hurt him...and i can't bring myself to tell him......what do i do?!
posted by sami on 2/7/2008 @7:31:03 PM •
this just happened to me. we've been best friends for 3 years, and we dated for about 2 months. he broke up with me tuesday. he wants to still be friends. the funny thing is, i was going to break up with him the same day. i felt like it would be easier for us to be friends, and he felt the same way.

you say he USED to be your friend? why date someone who isnt your friend?
i feel friendship is the base of a relationship. in all honesty, tell him. if he doesnt want to still be friends as well, what kind of a friend was he in the first place?
posted by Leah on 2/9/2008

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