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"Confused" boyfriend moved away recently back to where he is from. We were together for 4 years and broke up in February for about a month and half because he didn't see us working out in the future. I was very hurt and upset for a while and vented to my parents a lot. We are back together and my mom doesn't really know yet. I told her we are still friends and talk. She knows he moved away though. So the other day she told me that she found on the internet the my boyfriend has a DUI..which he got 5 years ago. We had just started talking then and not really dated. I knew about it but I was so young I didn't really think anything of it. Now my parents are very judgmental and probably don't like him even more. It hurts me because I love my boyfriend and want us to be together. It really isn't a big deal but knowing how my parents are they are going to judge him and talk down on him now. Everyone makes mistakes though. His mom also has one and she saw that on the internet too. It makes me mad how she snoops around on the internet and searches people. She really needs to get a life. Do I just continue with my boyfriend and not tell them about our relationship? And I am planning in visiting him in July, so should I just go without telling them or tell them the truth that is going on? I just do not want to deal with hearing there rude comments. Advice please!!!
posted by Michelle (age 25) on 6/3/2011 @6:37:22 PM •
You should tell them because, sure you'll have to deal with their rude comments but, if you don't then you'll have to deal with it later on in your life and it's going to be worse because they will wonder why you didn't tell them before. It's better to tell them than keep a secret from them. They will eventually stop the rude comments and you can get on with your relationship.
I hope this helped and I hope you and your boyfriend are happy together. Good luck.
posted by Viki on 6/6/2011

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