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"HELP plsss..critical situation"
Im 19 and a man......pls i av problem in ma hostel which is giving me unpeaceful mind... I once date a lady all of sudden she broke up without a reason, the following semester her friend start behaving rude to me even to ma face dat i dont understand and i dont av any relationship wit any of them bcuz i am 3 yrs dia senior, and meetg anyone of them will be like a shame to me ...wat can i do.. I dont really want the girl again...
2...i av a room mate we av been on a smooth run before all of a sudden he picked up a quarrel then we stop talkg..i av 2 oda room mate i dnnt want to harm him cuz i am afraid he may destroy ma belongg in ma absence wat can i do for him to feel sorry for what he did .. 2 yrs senior him.. I'm a guy
posted by bim (age 19) on 6/5/2011 @4:27:52 AM •
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