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"Please help me out!!!"
I've been really stressed lately, and haven't been getting much sleep at all. And the sleep and stress problem are both caused by the same things! The problem is that the person I love is moving away by the end of this year. I really love him and I care so much but I haven't told him that! I'm worried that if I don't tell him, I won't see him again, but whenever I try, I chicken out and say "Uh... never mind. It's not important." Could someone please tell me what to do! I'm running out of time to decide what to do and if I don't I probably won't see him ever again.
posted by Melony on 6/6/2011 @7:47:18 PM •
Sounds to me like you already know what to do. He's leaving. You may never see him again. It's better to tell him the truth face to face than over the phone or something. Plus, he deserves to hear it come from your mouth. Swallow your fear. That's all you can do. You NEED to do this. Don't let the chance pass you by. Please. If that's truly how you really feel about it. Go for it. Before it really is too late. You never know, maybe he feels the same way? Maybe he'll want to come back for you when he's ready? Maybe something totally different will happen. Prepare yourself for better or worse. In my opinion, I say go for it. You're running out of time. Tell him the first chance you get, do it without thinking. You both deserve to see what happens.
posted by Delana on 6/11/2011
I know how you feel I was there I say tell him if you love him he might feel the same. This is something he needs to know in order to move further with your relationship.
posted by Sami (age 19) on 6/11/2011

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