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"a friends betrayal"
I have a question i used to have a best friend and we were so close. She always was the one i would go to for advice and she would always know what to say. Last summer i started dating a guy she told me was great. I gave him a chance because i trusted her judgement. This guy called me and texted me every 5 mins. yelled at me if i didnt reply and kept sending msg after msg. EVen when i was mad at him i wouldnt reply and when i got on myspace he would get on IM and send me a msg saying whats up. I would ignore it but then 2 secs later my fone would vibrate it was him saying i see your on myspace but you cant answer me. It was a horrible relationship, i mean we broke up 3 times in 1 month! And my so called best friend didnt belive me at all! Everything i told her he did and i showed her all the msgs and she didnt believe me. We stopped talking and overtime she became a stranger and hate turned to anger. A lot of things were said, she critized my two best friends and family. I just want all of this to be over, I've thought about going and talking to her and telling her"sorry" for whatver it is I did to her. But i dont know how... Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by confused on 6/16/2011 @11:28:02 AM •
Wow! I hope you broke up with him - that right there is a controlling relationship, and those are no good. No good at all. The fact that your friend didn't believe you made me think that maybe she WANTED him to be kind and not controlling. In her mind, perhaps, that was just who he was. Either that, or she likes him herself, or a combination of the two. I think that you need to show her the online conversations - be they one or two sided - and show her how controlling he was. Tell her that you did not feel comfortable with a guy who was contacting you every other minute. Then tell her that you didn't understand why that upset her so much. You can also say something like what you yourself suggested in your post. I would do all of this quickly, though, before she gets TOO mad. You do not have to do what I suggested, but if you want to save this friendship, I think you should at least try something like it. I really hope I helped, and I feel terribly for you. I also hope everything works out in the end. :)
posted by Hoping to Help on 8/9/2011

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