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Im 19. im single. i moved in with my sister her husband and my niece almost a year ago. i wanted to get out of my parents house because they were treating me like a kid. moving here wasnt much difference my sister still smothers me. well all my friends are an hour away and slowly are dissapearing. i havent met friends here. had 2 boyfriends already but that didnt turn out well. i have a good job here but i work with my ex and its really hard sometimes. i have been feeling worthless lonely and having thoughts of killing myself but i dont wanna go to hell. my parents are moving about 4 hours away and want me to come. im not sure if i should go. maybe i should go and make a new start in life? but then again i have to deal with my parents and what if they still treat me like a little kid. life is just getting so overwhelming and i dont know what to do next?? any adivce? please help. i dont want to make any wrong choices.
posted by Jennifer on 6/16/2011 @3:02:30 PM •
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