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"my fiance doesnt want to ever have sex"
I have been with my fiance a little over a year now the first part of our relationship he was always drunk and he always used that excuse as to why we never really had sex but he has been sober for 6 months now and we still hardly have sex he told me that me wearing my old holy pajamas wasn't attractive so I started wearing sexy things to bed and he still won't lately he won't even let me cuddle with him for a minute is there something wrong with me because my self esteem went right down the drain!!!
posted by janene (age 31) on 6/18/2011 @10:50:40 AM •
Talk to him about it. If he cares about your feelings he should talk to you.When you two did have sex, maybe you were not able to give him the satisfaction he wanted. Ask him questions, like were you not able to give him the satisfaction he wanted? It also might be good to see a counselor about this. They are more experienced in this area that they could help. Also, he may have something worn with him that he may not want to have sex, like maybe he cannot have an erection or short on sperm.
posted by Ashley on 7/5/2011

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