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I am in 8th grade and am a girl. I know this guy who is going to ask me out tomorrow. He tokd me he liked me yesterday, and I said the same to him. What I didn't realize is that he has a GF. My other really good friend (let's call her Beth) asked him who he liked better - his GF or me. He said me, and that he was planning on asking me out tomorrow. What if he changes his mind and sticks with her? Is that likely? What should I do if it happens? He already knows I like him. And he's liked me since December. Advice. ASAP. Please.
posted by Emily on 6/22/2011 @2:04:40 PM •
Trust me! This has totally happened to me! :) OK. The girl he's going out with? She's really popular am I right? Yeah well thats what happened to me. You have to ask him yourself if this Beth girl was telling the truth and he'll be all like "yeah i like you better." And so yeah that's pretty much it. Then he'll ask you out and you have to say yes! i know this because that sounds exactly like what happened to me!!!!!
posted by lola (age 17) on 6/26/2011
It seems to me that if he already has a girlfriend yet is telling other girls he likes them and is making it clear he is planning on asking them out, he's not the type of person you want to date. You have no assurance that soon enough you won't be the girlfriend while he's asking other girls out.
posted by Nel on 7/7/2011
Actually, he is the type of person I'd like to be dating. I didn't really make the situation clear enough, but he was not dating the girl at the time. I thought he was dating her, but it turns out he was indecisive between me and her. His friend, on the other hand, was busy spreading rumors (mostly to me) that they were dating. The friend wanted the guy to be with the other girl, but the guy was more leaning towards being with me. It's a very long and confusing story, but everything turned out fine in the end. Thanks, though! I totally know what you mean.. Re-reading that, he sounds like a complete player. It's different than that, though. :)
posted by Emily on 8/9/2011

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