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"is dis life theirs or mine"
i and my father, are not getting along just because i want to usher into full musician. He thought without education, i can't become successful person in life. He treat me like am a loser. What should i do?
posted by michael (age 21) on 6/25/2011 @4:40:53 PM •
Live your own life...because your dad has lived his and made his own choices. He doesn't also get to tell you what life choices to make. BUT you also have to be smart. If you want to be a musician, go for it! Just have a back-up plan. It's very rare (though not unheard of) to be able to make a living purely by play music and performing. I know lots of people who have regular jobs during the day and are working their tails off by night to make their dreams come true. Good luck!! :)
posted by sara on 7/1/2011

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