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"My Mom"
When I was in grade school my mom loved helping out my school with Market Day. Well, 9 years ago, when I was in 6th grade, my mom and I went into the school's gymnasium to pick up mine and a friend of the family's order. Well, there was a child by mom, and she did not notice her. My mom was reaching for a market day flyer, and the mother of that child falsely accused my mom of trying to kidnap her daughter. Everybody believed her. I was there, I witnessed what happened. My mom was no where near trying to steal someone's child nor would she ever. My mom's "friends" even betrayed her. They all listened to the lady that accused my mom of kidnapping. My mom has never been so hurt, especially since nobody asked her, her side of the story they just believed the lady because she has money and we do not. My mom has been praying hard hoping someone will ask her what happened, but nobody has. My mom has even seen a lawyer about this, but because we did not remember the exact day, time, and people that witnessed it he said, "There is nothing he or any other lawyer can do, unless we know day, time, and everything else right at the exact moment." My mom has to live her life people thinking she tried kidnapping a child when it is not even true. People know who my mom is and she does not know them. All they say is its (my moms name), becareful (my moms name) is out, etc. Everytime my mom goes in someplace the phone rings, and the workers look right at her, they get mad, tell other workers, and do not treat her as nicely as they should. It just seems like no matter where she goes people start talking about her. Now, besides that still going on in her life, she is now having trouble at work with her co-workers. She would quit her job, if she could, but because of that awful lie about her attempting to kidnap, she cannot get a job anywhere else. She even feels when we went to Florida that the people down there think she tried kidnapping a child, because she went with my grandpa and uncle to a store, and the phone rang. While the employee was talking on the phone they just starred at my mom with a dirty look. I would just like some advice I could use to try to help cheer my mom up or a way to help get my moms name clear. Please! I hate seeing my mom like this. Thank You for those that do try to help.
posted by Ashley on 7/5/2011 @3:06:16 AM •
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