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"My Neice"
About 13months ago, my husband and I went pick up my neice from another state, because her mom was in jail. She was sentensed to 5 years and served 10 months. My father went get her and assumed resposibily for her, well she took the little girl back and since then she has moved out of my dads and was dropped my one parole officer for not being home(at my dads) when she came by. Well my sister who I really do not know want to give us the little girl during the schoo, year and she wants her for summers. I told her that she would have to sign over custody to us and she was fine with that. Now I think her other sister who is not my sister is trying to talk her out of it. I know that is her daughter but after I saw the living situation I just wants with best for the child. My sister has four other kids three of them she has not saw in years. The other is with her and still stays at my dads. I want to do whats right, but I do not want to end up her again. We changed our whole lives for her.. Please any advice/opions would be appreciated!! Please nothing offencive
posted by NJ on 7/6/2011 @2:15:13 PM •
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