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"Can't Tell My Family"
It's kind of complicated, but long story short, I have an older brother. Until a few years ago, he was my older sister. Growing up, he had a very hard time, as you can understand. He self-harmed, tried to kill himself, went back and forth about his sexuality, kept on acting out and my parents were constantly at their wits end with him. Things have evened out now that he has faced his gender and sexual identity, though.

I've always done my best to behave and be as little trouble to my parents as possible. They had so much to deal with regarding my brother that I just didn't want to add to the load, y'know? A lot of times in the past, my parents would say things like, "Well, at least you don't give us those kinds of problems," and, "We'll never have to deal with that with you." The thing is, I've come to realize that I'm a lesbian, and I just don't think I can tell them. A big part of the problems between my brother and my parents was his sexuality, at the time he identified as a lesbian, and my parents were never very accepting of it. They seem fine with it now that he's male, so therefore straight, and I can't help feeling that they're okay with it BECAUSE he's male. So, I feel like they won't accept me.

I don't know what to do. Tell them and deal with whatever reaction they have, or keep it to myself and not give them any more problems than they've already had to deal with from my brother. Advise, please.
posted by Nel on 7/7/2011 @1:57:34 PM •
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