relationship advice (post new situation)
my girlfriend never love me as much as i love her,she never admit that until her i caught her redhanded with my bestfriend having sex in on my bed!
posted by olanrewaju (age 20) on 7/10/2011 @6:52:33 AM •
First off, I'm sorry you had to go through something like that. I can't imagine the hurt, and I hope you're coping as well as can be expected. Secondly, get out of that relationship. It's not fair on you, plain and simple. Outstanding problem is obviously the fact that she's not faithful - and with your best friend? Not only does she not love you, she doesn't respect you nor care about hurting you. I don't even know you but I can see from this alone that you can do better.
posted by Nel (age 17) on 7/10/2011
Yeah Dump that **** and defriend Your best friend They both have no respect for you, like what nel said You can do so much better!
posted by Kelly (age 20) on 7/12/2011

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