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"Can't get him out of my mind."
There's this guy, that I think I've fallen in love with. And it's been almost 3 years now. He doesn't live near me so I went to go visit my cousin's house and they go to the same church he goes too so of course, I would see him. I've started liking someone else but when we had Youth Night and I saw him, the other boy just went out of my mind, and heart. He's been showing me signs, and they confuse me a lot. I know that he's been liking my cousin for more that 4 years I believe, and it hurts knowing that. But today, he had church, and I told my cousins that I've been liking him for almost 3 years. They tried getting him to talk to me, but I would just run away. I never wanted him to be forced to talk to me. But when it was time to leave, it made me really upset. So I went to get my cousin, tell her we were leaving and he was just playing the Piano. And my other cousin pulled me and said something like, "Hey, I want you to meet mt cousin." to him. And I just looked over at him, he looked at me, and I finally said Hi, and he replied hey with a smile. I was happy that I finally.. I guess you can say, 'talked' to him, but I'm also sad because I usually see him on Thursdays and Sundays but I won't for a long time anymore. It makes me really upset, and for the past 2 weeks I haven't gotten him out of my mind. The pain in my heart is just too much for me to handle, I really do believe I'm in love with him. ♥
posted by Kristine on 7/17/2011 @11:02:20 PM •
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