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"life after book?"
So, i'm writing a book, a novel actually, and i'm almost done. The problem is everything is setting up so well, and don't get me wrong that's wonderful, but I'm having difficulty writing lately. Everything is going perfect, the editor is chosen and will do it for free if i let him read it, and i was forced to enter a poetry contest this year and they published mine. Of course, they sent out my name to magazines and an agency that has access to publishers for me. In a few days i'll have acces to over a thousand publishers waiting to get there hands on my transcript. The issue behind all of this is that IF i make it out there as an author, what happens? I've been told my life will then be public. I don't want publicity, i want my normal life, i just want to have the book out there; but they said it's the price you pay. So i'm wondering, what will my life be like after the book is published and makes it big IF per say it does?
posted by Amanda (age 14) on 7/24/2011 @12:50:16 PM •
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