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Help, I am a divorced mother that shares custody with my daughter's father. I will be moving 265 miles away from home town to another town in the same state with my soon to be husband. My daughter's father is okay with my decision. The problem is that I've been told that several people in my family have dreamt that my daughter will be abducted coming home from school if I moved away. Even family members that claim to be psychic. My own mother called my ex-husband telling him that she doesn't advise him letting me take my daughter with me. That it wouldn't be safe for my daughter. Keep in mind that I'm not on drugs or a bad mother, nor is my boyfriend abusive to my daugther or myself. My mother basis her information on the dreams and her disapproval that I'm not married yet before I move away. The town that I am moving to is a beautiful rural community, a tourist town in summer. My mother calls me selfish for wanting to take my daughter with me. That I am not heeding God's warning that my daughter will be abducted if I do. Her dad has asked that I let her stay with him and his family, his mother will be the one taking care of my child, for one more year. My mother rarely asks to take care of my daughter or ever spend time with her. So here's the case, I am freightened as heck of the possibility of my daughter being abducted. I also feel horrible that I won't be able to take care of my child myself and see her as often as I would like. She is 10 years old, and is an amazing child. She has friends downstate that she will miss, but she is just fine with coming to live with me and my boyfriend. My question is , should I leave her down state for one more year and then bring her up here with me or should I tell my mother to stay out of my business and bring my child up north with me, and pray like heck that my daugther is never abducted. Please help!
posted by Mother in tears on 7/27/2011 @10:16:04 AM •
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