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"Decision help?"
I'm gonna be starting school soon. I'll be a sophomore. I have a choice on wether I go to a far away school that I went to for freshman year or going to a close by school that's really ghetto. I got in trouble so my mother decided to send me to the ghetto school. But during the summer, She eased up on me and is letting me go to the good far away school which I cried to go to. I was overjoyed. But the thing is, the guy I really like and have sort of a past with is going to the ghetto school come to find out. So its a choice between the ghetto school in which my ..crush? will go to or the far away school that my best friend goes to. If I go to the faraway school, I can do newspaper and be part of the softball team. BUT! My best friend's boyfriend is gonna go to the school and she tends to ignore me when it comes to him.I don't know how to tell my mother because I believe she will know the real reason why.[considering I was gonna tell her that I didn't want to waste gas money going over there. its a problem for us.] I'm set to ask her but then I'm thinking, what if he doesn't go all three years? Plus, this girl that tends to start trouble/drama is going there..and she's a HUGE flirt. I felt so put down. I don't know where to go..I also feel that I'll regret it if I don't go to school with him, and I don't want to be treated the way I know I will by my friend. The far away school has a lot to offer but..i don't know..HELP!
posted by Heli (age 15) on 7/30/2011 @9:23:26 PM •
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