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"feeling pushed out"
After 8 months of dedicating myself to my sister in laws wedding planning and money taken from a down payment on my first house to help pay for things. My sister in law is not keeping the same kind of relationship before wedding. the man she married she has been with for 2 years and usually we hang out on her days off . The last time we hung out was the night of her wedding. Not only has she ignored paying me back she has ignored my calls and wont acknowledge the amount of work I put into her wedding. On top of that my mother in law who is always kind to me yelled at me very disrespectfully in front of everyone because the DJ messed up the music. My feelings were hurt because of the way she did it. She acts like it never happened and now I feel like crying every two weeks when we see them both at family dinner. I do not feel welcome and I want to talk to both of them but I am afraid it will come off as me holding on to stupid things. I will take any advice I can get .
posted by Diana (age 29) on 7/31/2011 @4:05:22 AM •
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