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i have let her move back with my son ;thats why i let her move back in i charge her no rent and i pay her 1,000 a month child support she works i guess a 9.00 an hour job i earn 60,000 a year (truck driver) i pay heath insurance pluse cost the boy is in high school i hope when he gets out of school she should leave how crazy am I ???
posted by any on 12/17/2007 @8:29:06 AM •
i don't know anything other than what you have said, but you might want to reconsider the 'no rent' policy if nothing else. sounds like she has enough money to pay you something. i understand allowing her to be with her son, but there's probably a good reason you guys separated and she moved out in the first place. you have to keep your sanity. good luck out there!
posted by amanda on 12/17/2007

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