relationship advice (post new situation)
My boyfriend and i have been going out for about 10, 11 months. It's been amazing, but we just got over this really big fight about this girl who i really dislike and who flirts like crazy with my boyfriend and well now i feel different about us and i don't know w at to do
posted by emily on 2/9/2008 @11:31:05 AM •
Emily, Instead of fighting with your boyfriend why not just ask him why he gets offended at what you are saying to him? If he is innocent then he wont have any problem answering you...
posted by stacie on 2/10/2008
you're problem is with the girl not ur bf. Don't bother with her cos she's not going to matter and if u don't pay attention she fades away. The fact that ur taking it out on ur bf will make him think u don't trust him which will make him upset.
posted by a friend on 2/10/2008

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