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I have been seeing by boyfriend for the last three years and he is great, hard working, good looking, does not have many friends, and not an alcoholic. The problem is that he works a lot, and he has to take care of his father who is sick. I understand about his father because I would do the same for my parents and I love the fact that he works. (In the past I only dated losers).
Ok here is the problem; he doesnít answer his phone all the time and besides going to lunch, a drink after work. He always has to be home by 6 or 7. Thatís when his father eats.
No, itís not women, I donít think? Maybe Iím fooling myself.
Every time I want to tell him something he kisses me and I forget the world.
He tells me he loves me and tells me he is sorry he cannot spend large amounts of time with me, but gives me quality of time with me.
Iím I stupid.
posted by maria on 7/31/2011 @11:35:46 PM •
I've been in a relationship similar to yours. I would ask to have dinner with his dad or ask to meet him so I could be certain he wasn't lying. But honestly girl go with your gut, if u feel like it's fishy then most likely it is!!
posted by Cara (age 28) on 8/6/2011

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