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"Dating situation"
Alright, I'm goin on this date tonight. My gf is bringing along 3 of her friends, I will be the only guy there. So should I go on this date or not?
Ps. I'm 15 the girls I'm with are 17 and 18.
posted by Clay on 8/1/2011 @4:38:27 PM •
I suppose this is a tad bit late, but I think that you should have opted out of that date. 3 friends as well as the girl becomes less of a date and more of a get together with friends. Unless they were going to leave you and your girlfriend alone, that is a type of date I'd avoid. Especially if you make yourself look stupid during the date, even on accident, that's all they're going to talk about later. Just letting you know - I've been the girlfriend in this situation before. I don't really think the fact that they're older than you has to do with anything, though. 17 or 18 isn't that much older than 15, in my opinion. Hope I helped for the future, since I know this is really, super late.
posted by Lila (age 19) on 8/9/2011

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