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"Who should move?"
My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years, two of the yeasrs we lived in the same town and the third year has been long distance. He moved for a promotion in his work. We have been talking about getting engaged in the next few months, the problem is he now lives in a small town with little opportunity for me to find a job.

I live in the Chicagoland area with an okay job that I am not in love with, but the executives like me so it guarantees job security.

I don't know if I should move to him or if he should move to me with leaving his great job behind.

We are very in love and know that we want to spend the rest of our lives!!!
posted by A (age 26) on 8/3/2011 @9:17:04 AM •
If you are serious about getting married, then talk about it first. A marriage will require the utmost in communication. Tell him your concerns for finding work. Are you ok with leaving Chicago? If you both decide on starting a new life where he is, then take a small leave from work and "visit" the town he is in and do some job hunting. Get your name out there with resumes, then return to Chicago for a few more weeks. Once you are officially in town with him, who knows? You may have a job offer or two waiting. Just be upfront and realistic with timelines: don't say "I will be here in two weeks" if it's more like a month. Good luck!
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011

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