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"Used to be graceful & positive"
Ive been in a very long relationship with a man that always treated me as his eqal used to tell many people how im creative ,a great cook , always helpful, do everything for him.I'm the best thing that ever happened to him .i used to spend my money/charge everything for events, eating,gifts for his 3 boys that I treated as if they were mine .
I went thru a bad injury recently & now I dont move fast or think as fast as I used to.
Now he says im negative all the time. He is mr correct ALLthe time. Talks as if im ignorant,dont know what im talking about, not graceful cause the surgery I put 30lbs on.he wasnever hurtful like this but I only hear himtalknegative about me to others. More n more I cry & he turns away cause he hates that .acts like nothing happen. Ihardly talk because he critiques everything I say &do. It really hurts. I dont think much of myself anymore. I still lovehim. What can I do to change me?
posted by Sakura on 8/7/2011 @3:37:39 AM •
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