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"dont know what to do"
I need advice on what to do with my daughter. My daughter is very ill and she lives with me. She met this boy about a year ago and he seemed like a nice boy. He moved in with us because he seemed to be such a great boy. About a month ago.. things started to change for the worst. He started to fight with her all the time, calling her rude names like she was a dog. He is always telling her what to do etc. I told him to find another place to live and then he started. He started to say very mean things to other about me and lots of lies. He has her convinced to go live with him. He has her into drugs and drinking etc. She has become more ill over the stress and everything he is doing, but she is like i love him and he doesnt mean anything he does. I am so scared because she is ill. She needs someone to take care of her. and even her doctors feel she is not able to live on her own unless it is someone that is mature enough to do so. I feel like my hands are tied and i dont know what to do. I am scared.. because if she leaves she could either end up in the hospital or dead :-( i am so lost right now and my stress level is so bad i feel like screaming. please if someone could help me out with some advice :-)
posted by elli on 8/9/2011 @9:28:20 PM •
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