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I love modelling and am good at it.i also love singing and dancing ballet but i dont have a good voice and as for ballet i dont know whether ballet is taught in mom wants me to be a lawyer cause most of the time in when debate i win.big problem cause i want a good paying job but also, i want a proffession that i have passion in
posted by Naana on 8/10/2011 @3:56:10 PM •
Compromise. Don't let anyone pressure you into a career. Find out your interests and what you could do with those. Dance, modeling, singing...all talents. You could open your own studio with instruction and recitals. You could get a "9-to-5" that pays well and dance on the weekends with a troupe. For example, I have a passion for flying, but am pursuing another career that interests me as well that will give me a more stable, successful home life, but I can still fly on time-off. Never give up your loves! There will be a way you can have both. Good luck!
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011

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