relationship advice (post new situation)
"the trust issue"
well there is this girl that i really like and i know she likes me too but we had started hanging out like 2 months ago and when we were hanging out then she got the wrong idea and started moving farther then a friendship and i just wanted us to be friends for a while longer. well when i told her that i just wanted us to be friends for awhile longer, she started saying how i broke her heart and all this other stuff. Well she quit talking to me for like 2 weeks and then we started talking again. well when we started talking again she was with someone else. well we were hanging out and stuff while she was with this other person but then they broke up with her. she was hurt but i was there for her. well when i told her that i wanted to be with her. she told me that she couldnt trust me because i broke her heart. I thought you had to be in love to have your heart broken?? but ive been trying to work up a relationship but she says she cant trust me yet and that she wants to be with me but she is still like talking to her exs and stuff about relationships. Does she really wanna be with me or is she just setting me up?? someone help me out please...
posted by stacie on 2/10/2008 @3:21:47 AM •
I think this girl is very sensitive. The main thing is she feels hurt. I don't think she's trying to set u up, but she doesn't want to get hurt again. Just let her know u r there for her and care about her.
posted by a friend on 2/10/2008

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