relationship advice (post new situation)
my best friend i like he is mad cause i was jokin an took his ex side an i didnt mean to i dont know what to do help
posted by trina (age 13) on 8/15/2011 @10:07:58 PM •
I don't know what you have tried b4 but I would suggest talking with your friend face to face (not by texting bc sometimes it sounds differently than you mean it to). When you talk with your friend be honest about what you did. Tell your friend you were kidding and that you did not mean to cause problems by siding with his ex. If you really did side with his ex just calmly explain your reasons for doing that. I hope I helped.
posted by anonymous on 8/16/2011
Idk what u have tried already but I suggest talking about it to ur friend in person. Sometimes what we say in txt messages can be taken the wrong way. Just be honest about ow you were kidding and u didn't mean to get ur friend mad or hurt his feelings. If u did take his ex side explain why. Why you felt his ex was right. Remind ur friend that friends are there forever but boyfriends/girlfriends come and go.
posted by anonymous on 8/17/2011

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