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"cant contact my ex"
My ex and I became friends in the beginning of June and a week or so later my ex said we can't talk or hang out again because of some things I said in a text when I was drunk. What I said was not wrong I just sounded really mad but everyone I talked to said he should have not acted this way and stop talking to me like he did. After my ex and I had to talk about something important and I sent him 1 more text about it in the beginning of July, a few days later he blocked me on facebook and I text him jokingly asking why he did it. No response. So I waited about 3 weeks b4 contacting him thinking he might calm down and my text "failed to send" and when I called the message was "restrictions have been placed on your call". So long story short he blocked my number. I don't think he hates me/dislikes me. I feel he did this bc he thinks I'll continue to try to contact him My question is, should I call him from another phone and try to work this out and risk him changing his number and never contacting him again? What should I do? I can't move on thinking "oh if only I would have tried calling on a different phone" Please I need honest advice. We were only together 2 months but I hate not being able to even contact him. Help!
posted by anonymous on 8/16/2011 @7:36:42 PM •
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