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"Missing my Friend"
My friend and I had a "falling out" recently that started because of something he did, and ended with me saying that I wanted to stay friends, but I would leave it up to him and he could decide if he wanted to stay in contact with me. I have not heard from him since. I miss him like crazy... should I stick to my word and not contact him? Or should I outreach to him and let him know that I miss him?

Relevant details:
-Prior to this, we had only been friends for about a month
-Prior to this, we talked to each other via text, phone or online nearly every day
-The thing that he did was that he lied to me twice, and I was very hurt by that and a few days later I called him out on it. He sort of explained why he did it, but did not apologize
posted by anonymous on 8/19/2011 @11:34:11 PM •
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