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"mysterious guy"
I'am a freshmen college student, I'm 16 years old. Now, I was attracted to a guy, he's 3-5 years older than me. He's also in college, a working, scholar student. and he work as an assistant technician to the laboratory, where we use to conduct our lessons. I like him because aside from his charming face, he's sweet smile and he's attractive eyes. He also has this mysterious character that made me feel exciting and interesting. So I pray to God to give me a chance to get to know him. Unexpectedly, my wish came true. My Theology proffesor ask us to make a project that will contain all our love once and including the person that we admire the most. And their is an additional points if we took a picture with the person we admire, and we're included in it. So, I grab the opportunity, I choose my words before I talk to him, I keep earning courage so things will go well. But I was about to change my mind and give up, when my friends told me that their is no harm in trying. Then I approach him, and it did not go so well. He rejected my request, and told me that he was shy, and there are still many guys out their. So I didn't force him to agree with my favor, I understand him. And I admit that I was wrong asking him infront of some of my classmates. Since then, I become uncomfortable, every time we conducted experiments in the laboratory. I also felt ashamed when our professor sermon me and my groupmates because we are not well prepared to our report. When that scenario was happened, he stand up and looked straightforward to us and i feel that I was about to melt. I don't know what is going through his mind, and sometimes I caught him looking at me. Since the very first time I saw him, I never predict what is going through his mind. Please give me an advice on how to move on, and forget him, I'm somehow distracted. thank you.
posted by emma (age 16) on 8/20/2011 @6:47:36 AM •
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