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"big problemo"
ok me and this guy are dating and we work together, he is a manager and we are not gonna go any further until i get another job, and ive been trying to do that before we even started talking but anyways, (and we also went together for a year, 2 yrs ago) but like we havent even kissed he said he just cant do that because he would just make things a whole lot harder than what they already are, we go on dates like 2-3x a week but it is just driven me crazy because we havent kissed, but what i need to ask is i feel like when i do get a job he will just blow me off....what do you think will happen?
posted by elizabeth on 2/10/2008 @9:46:32 PM •
Hmmm this seems a little suspicious to me. First of all.. ahhh it's such a bad idea to date in the work place! but since you're already in too deep, haha umm I don't think you should put up with it that he won't kiss he thinks that will make it harder yet he still takes you on a date 2-3 times a week? hmm. So it seems to me like you should watch out and just be aware that it could fade off when you switch jobs. So if you really like your job, stay there and forget him...but if not then hey who cares maybe you'll get a better job out of it anyway?
posted by Sadie on 2/11/2008

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