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"who do i choose"
married, have a new house, have a good job. my marriage fell apart a few years ago. its like we are roommates until after several times of telling him now he wants to be the man that i want him to be but now i am not in love anymore and there is someone else. the other person has been in trouble but treats me like a queen, is so sweet and kind. and the sex is great. do i give up all i have because i love the second person and hope it works out?? ive prayed and thought and cried, i feel terrible about the whole thing but what do i do??? help!!!
posted by mary (age 26) on 8/21/2011 @6:07:29 PM •
first if you are still married to this guy then you have to make a decision. i dont do the play around game. If you are married and dont want him anymore then make it final. If you are not still married and love the second guy, then tell the ex to forget it. ALWAYS REMEMBER you cannot change anyone into who you want, take them as they are or take a walk.
posted by lb (age 44) on 8/31/2011

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