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This boy (we'll call him Joe) and I were going out. We broke up mutually for no particular reason. After a week, he calls me, saying, "Can we get back together when school starts again?" (We're in high school.) I said "Sure." We texted often until a few days ago. He didn't text me for maybe a week. Then, tonight, I texted him, telling him about my teachers that I had been assigned. He replied by asking who I like. I told him, "You, obviously." He said "Oh, I thought you didn't." In response, I said, "Whoops, sorry if I implied that! I still do.." He asked, "Are we ever gonna go out?" And I said, "When school starts...?" And he, in turn, said, "Oh I just wanna be friends right now, is that cool?" And I said "Yeah, it's fine." But he left me with mixed feelings. He sounded as if he wants to go out, and I know he's liked me since the beginning of freshman year (we're going to be juniors). But he said "just friends." What in the world does this mean? I thank you in advance for any help/advice. My apologies about the length.
posted by Irene on 8/22/2011 @10:00:27 PM •
I still really need advice on this. Additional details: school started today, and although we don't have any classes together, everytime he saw me he stared at me. He also talked about me to my other guy friend. Advice ASAP please! I have absolutely no idea what this means, and my friends don't either. Please, please, please help!!
posted by Irene on 9/6/2011
It seems to me that either a) he is playing games or b) he isn't sure how to proceed. The best part of this is the answer is the same either way: it's up to you to find out. I would talk to him, in person preferably or over the phone (no texting) and ask him straight up: what do you want out of "us?" I would wonder if he was seeing someone else before school started too...I mean, when I am interested in a girl, I ask her out then and there, not "hey, can we go out in a few months"...seems odd. Just ask him. Let me know what he says,
posted by Scott (age 27) on 9/25/2011

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