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"Campus Politics"
I will try to be as succint as possible. I teach English at a middle school. A colleague of mine decided that she does not like me and ignores and excludes me every chance she gets. This colleague is an English teacher as well and also happens to be really close "friends" with our principal (non-sexual though). I have seniority over this colleague and I usually teach 8th grade English, however this year my usual classes were given to my colleague and I have "fluff" classes. I know there is some shady politics going on here, but I don't know whether I should say something or not. I believe my colleague got the principal to change our courses around so she wouldn't have to deal with me anymore (since we won't be teaching the same class).

This is so hurtful to me to know that a professional administrator is not making objective decisions. And I would have to deal with this for an entire year of my life. This is no small deal! I feel as though I cannot speak to her (my principal) in confidence because she would probably tell others since she's proven herself to be quite unprofessional in many other instances.

Should I confront her about this, in a respectful manner of course, or should I just let it alone? There is other info I could share, but what I described is pretty much my dilemma.

Please advise =)
posted by Nordi on 8/24/2011 @8:12:11 PM •
Politics are a terrible fact of life. I agree - decisions like that should definitely be made objectively. But... addressing it with your principal would be a delicate situation. Maybe if it were approached as one of those "I'd like to know how I can approve so that I can get my good classes back" kind of thing, it won't cause an ongoing difficult situation. Asking directly could very well be perceived as an accusation... and you know how that could end up!

I hope this helps.
posted by jon on 9/1/2011

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