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"The message?"
I have a guy I really like, we have been out three times and slept together twice. Last night he made a date with me and I texted to him 'it's on!' and he sent back, 'cool'. Today around the time he wakes up, he sent a text that said 'it's off.' and when i texted why and asked if it is off forever, he never responded at all, didn't even type sorry or heart feels broke. What does this mean? Will I ever have him again??
posted by Sonia (age 34) on 8/26/2011 @5:58:04 AM •
hey you have to look at it like this.......his loss! i understand what you are feeling but you cant make a guy date you. For all you know there is someone else and he got caught! Put on your face, dress to the 9's and strut your stuff and find the guy who is well worth your time!
posted by lb (age 44) on 8/31/2011

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