relationship advice (post new situation)
well there is a boy , that i have previously been out with and i really care and love him so much , we are on the terms that we are togther as i do not go out with no one else and he doesnt either , we are a sexual couple but i do not know what to do as in ways it seems like he is jus using me for my money and for every thing he wants and do not know how or whether he really loves me and wants me
posted by carol-anne dean on 2/11/2008 @5:02:49 AM •
Well, if you think he's using you, why not test it. For a day, don't give him what he wants like a pop at the store or whatever makes you think it's for your money. If he gets mad and walks out, you know itw as true...if he's fine with it, then he's in it more then just for your money.
I've found that guys show a different way of caring then girls do. He may like you and just assumes you already know so he doesn't think he has to show you. I mean if he's already "not" seeing anyone else, it means he thinks you two are dating.
posted by jessica on 2/11/2008

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