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"New Boyfriend"
I met this amazing guy and we have been missed but 5 days in over two months not seeing each other. He has told people that he is in love with me and he is going to marry me one day. We have so much fun together. One problem every saturday he has to go see his ex girlfriend or he has made up she is complaining or wants this are that.

I have told him that I am trying to understand but I do not want to be hurt. I have been divorced for 10 yrs my children are grown and I am alone now. I have feelings for this man and each time I am with him they are getting stronger and he says he feels the same.
What should I do about the ex girlfriend ???? I am so confused and can not be set up to be hurt.

Thank You
posted by Sheree (age 53) on 9/3/2011 @8:20:29 PM •
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